How much do you know for all copper floor lamp of knowledge

by:Rongde     2020-09-21
All of the high copper floor lamp don't have amorous feelings, even if bedroom space is limited, can also use the floor lamp make easily lighting solution. They are easy to move, can add comfortable atmosphere for any space. How to choose a suitable for their own, and let your heart happy all copper floor lamp? Action for you!

the collocation of a floor lamp, all copper

1, the whole copper floor lamp used for local lighting, not comprehensive, and emphasize the convenience of mobile, for corner atmosphere build very practical. All copper floor lamp lighting way if directly downward projection, suitable for need a concentration of activities such as reading, if indirect lighting, can adjust the overall light changes, from the ground floor lamp chimney bottom should be 1. More than 8 meters.
2, floor lamp decorated in the sitting room and rest area, commonly used with sofa, tea sets, room to meet local lighting and garnish with family environment.
3, the choice or make of copper floor lamp holder and base, must and chimney match well, can't have a 'little big cap' or 'fine tall man wearing a cap of the feeling of imbalance.
4, equipped with a sofa of the sitting room, behind the sofa can decorate a floor lamp full copper. Not only ensure their reading needs, also does not affect the family watching TV. All copper floor lamp height is commonly 120 & ndash; 130 cm, if can adjust height or chimney Angle is the best. The modelling of lamps and lanterns and colour to coordinated with the furniture of the sitting room.

2, all copper floor lamp installation
1. Pay attention to read the installation instructions and tools to prepare
(1) read the installation drawing carefully, before the installation, disassemble the parts after packing is best not to confuse, if similar parts, drawings will draw the object size comparison chart, the unused part to cross it, very easy to distinguish between various parts.
(2), common tools, such as: the flat cross screwdriver and a hammer.
2. Check good light fittings
to install screw, eccentric, copper lamp body place, will be a good guide hole, positioning problem parts do not have to worry about. Is important to pay attention to that doesn't happen on the wrong parts and then repeated twist together, otherwise easy to damage the copper lamp body, and set up also can appear the phenomena such as instability, tilt.
3. Pay attention to the whole copper lamp installation order
usually all metal floor lamp there should be a piece of iron chassis, size slightly smaller than the surface of the base, a bottom-up spare parts order should be: chassis fastening nut, cast iron chassis, base, light pole, lamp holder, lamp shade, plastic fasteners, the light bulb.

, attentively complete lamp!
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