How much do you know about the structure of crystalline light hotel

by:Rongde     2020-07-27
Hotel crystal lamp is mainly composed of two important parts: hardware base ( Surface plating processing) And the crystal pendant. In addition, it also includes the base line and some small accessories such as connection crystal materials.

golden lamp is made from high quality plate after laser cutting, South Korea after drilling, tapping, grinding polishing, grinding and polishing in one at a later welding welded together, made of high quality stainless steel plate production crystal chandelier lamp have strong, bright and clean, the advantages of the equilibrium; Crystal droplight to solve surface electroplating process is solved three times continuously, through hot galvanizing and the second time, cadmium plated, third time gold plating.

crystal is an important part of the crystalline light, has played a very good adornment effect, through the light dream is like general, make whole space, the formation of luxurious atmosphere. Crystal quality varied, general common grade is domestic K5 crystal on the market, a good is domestic K9 grade crystal. What's more, India imports level of amethyst swarovski and amethyst. Behind these two crystal price is high, basically is the domestic several times of amethyst. In China the demand of the market or to domestic K5 and k9 amethyst usage.

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