How much do you know about all copper lamp light setting?

by:Rongde     2020-08-30
All say to decorate the house is an art, decorate good is: warm, romantic and safe. Lamps and lanterns is a leading role in decoration, lamps and lanterns make chosen installed will run out of things, about the room full of copper lamp lights set how much do you know?

a, living room

when installing copper chandelier sitting room all note lights must be in the middle and light everywhere full of the sitting room, the sitting room is the main activity place, good lighting environment is very important.

2, bedroom

the bedroom is a important place for people to rest, at the time of installation of bedroom whole copper lamp, lights should be installed in the head of a bed or beside the desk. Installed in the head of a bed full of copper, for example, the head of a bed, wall lamp, the desk in the whole copper lamp.

3, other

in other parts of the lamp should not be amplified near objects, to prevent the spread of light, for example: wardrobe, locker, etc.

, attentively complete lamp!
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