How full copper garden light wiring?

by:Rongde     2020-09-02
All copper villa courtyard lamp is indispensable lamps and lanterns, the role of the it is like a warrior, dedicated to protect the family, regardless of wind and rain, or weathered. However all copper courtyard lamp installation method is different from common lamps and lanterns, the following full copper yard lamp and you talk about how to connection.

all the columns of copper garden light and lamps and lanterns can close to bare conductors shall be connected to the PEN line is reliable, the grounding wire should be single trunk, trunk line should be along the courtyard layout form a ring net, grounding line should be not less than two mains connection and grounding device. By the grounding line and then lead to regional and metal lamp and the earthing terminal connection of lamps and lanterns, and identity. All copper courtyard lamp grounded feeder can not connected to the lamps and lanterns series, in order to prevent the individual all copper garden light shift or replace other lamps and lanterns of losing ground fault protection function. Electric test run after the installation of lamps and lanterns, the insulation test after inspection qualified, are allowed to electrify commissioning. After electrify should carefully check and patrol, check the lamps and lanterns is the control of the flexible and accurate; Is corresponding sequence control switch and lamps and lanterns, once found that the problem should be immediately without electricity, find out the reason and repair.

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