Hotel restaurant all copper lights how to choose?

by:Rongde     2020-09-23
Hotel lighting light up the space is not only simple, but more is needed is a art, stories and fairy tales. In hotel lighting design, is indispensable decorations. Without the lamp is acted the role of decorate, is not only lost a ornaments, but the necessity to lack the outstanding hotel texture. Whether tourist vacationing industry hotels, or business hotel, build a cordial, warm and friendly atmosphere, this is the common demands of the hotel. Now all splendid, costly, restore ancient ways of copper lamp, elegant, the atmosphere is now people recognized the United States, and lighting, can strengthen the hotel image and characteristic, so the copper lamp in the hotel lighting design seriously, hotel choose lighting is pay attention to both the lobby and restaurant.

below describe the hotel the whole copper lamp for you choice:
in the choice to choose the hotel lamp act the role ofing, although some lighting gives person's feeling is more costly and room, however, does not set or not, and often hotel usually use full copper lamp, at the same time, one of the most important lighting in copper lamp is senior decoration, choose the good full copper will play the role of dot eyeball. When the choose and buy according to the hotel soft outfit design style. The perfect combination to highlight the grade of the restaurant.

but in order to achieve the hotel soft outfit the atmosphere effect, the hotel restaurant use full copper lamp can choose droplight, cannot install lamps and lanterns is too high, the mess of apparent horizontal line. Rectangular table, install the copper lamp let there be light, the light and shade regulator and drop function, in order to and for other work, Chinese food pay attention to color, aroma, taste and shape, often need to be bright and a few warm color is moved, and eat western food, if somewhat dark downy light, can create romantic emotional appeal.

because the hotel is a public place, more people in and out every day, at the time of purchase lighting must pay attention to safety, when choosing the copper lamp can't keen on gaining petty advantages blindly, and to see the quality first, check whether the warranty, certification is complete. Your is not necessarily good, but too cheap may be bad. A lot of cheap lamp quality closes nevertheless, often hidden trouble, in the event of fire, consequence is unimaginable.

, attentively complete lamp!
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