Hotel non-standard use of lamps and lanterns should be how to use the light

by:Rongde     2020-07-28
For the hotel, the main purpose of the non-standard lamps and lanterns is transit business and travel, is temporary home to rest. So color temperature need comfortable and comfortable. LED lighting of hotel space, should be in warm white light about 3000 k. In addition to the bathroom can be more than 3500 k white light or cold light. Hotel in different functional areas of light distribution curve of the light intensity distribution and light intensity in the center and half light intensity parameters such as requirement. In general, the hotel lobby floor height is very high. In the height 6 meters space, beam Angle is too large when the light intensity of the ground. Too narrow a space such as in the guest room, if the beam Angle can cause the ground too bright, the problem of insufficient vertical illumination.

height more than 6 m, choose suitable for narrow beam of LED lighting lamps and lanterns, providing continuous and uniform brightness. For example, if the distance is 6 m, then the light distribution curve of the center should be from the ground up 1 m light intensity and under the jump of more than 500 CD is 6 m, can consider to use ribbon or planar illuminator. Based on RGB color mixed solution can also promote color rendering index, but in technical popularization use must also be a lot of work, and color rendering index level, the LED must also be improved. For the price is too high, one-time investment is very big, actually from integrated cost into account, the application of LED many places still save a lot of cost.

non-standard engineering lighting manufacturer hotel lighting color rendering index for function space is slightly different. General need high color rendering index into the bathroom and dining room, the hall can rest a little bit low. The hall, reception, the requirements of the customer rest area.

this is the hotel in the non-standard use of lamps and lanterns should introduce how to use light, zhongshan lamps factory professional non-standard manufacturer of lamps and lanterns is worthy of your choice, you are welcome to come to consult.
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