Hotel lamps and lanterns of choose and buy a flexible: are you want?

by:Rongde     2020-09-26
In our lamps and lanterns of choose and buy, be sure to know more about the guangdong hotel product characteristics of lamps and lanterns manufacturers, we need to carefully choose from the following these aspects.

1, the first is to see their guest room lighting, whether to choose what kind of, in the midst of the journey guests to consider is the guest room is what kind of feeling, in general we use the color temperature is warm color to move, basically is around 3000 k. We need to create a perfect comfortable environment, have a kind of sweet feeling, let a guest at this time to rest a bit more comfortable, so the choice of the guest room lighting in general do not have too cold tonal, also not too bright.

hotel lamps and lanterns of choose and buy a flexible: what you want?

2, guangdong hotel restaurant lighting lamps and lanterns manufacturers is very changeable, first divided into lighting style of Chinese restaurant and western restaurant, restaurant lighting style, to diet culture to design in the first place, the first is to flavor characteristics and the different regional culture, to satisfy the restaurant the flexible of lamps and lanterns, in luxury hotel Chinese restaurant, we need to have a good a good formal feeling, so we need to have a balanced in terms of lighting. In addition to a balanced speed, we also need to have a good contrast, such as can bring a little strip light source, and then with a little art lamps and lanterns, on the table in the restaurant, and above the roof of the restaurant must carry on the design.

3, the products are generally independent of choose and buy, we need to choose the most is that intelligent control mode, intelligent products of choose and buy is very crucial, now the lamps and lanterns of absolute are independent. We have to consider in the process of choose and buy is whether can intelligent control, customers in the hotel accommodation, should consider the most is the convenience, if it is not convenient is certainly no subsequent consumption, that is to say, live once knew, this place is not convenient, so don't look down upon the intelligent choice of lamps and lanterns.

hotel lamps and lanterns of choose and buy a flexible: what you want?

guangdong hotel lamps and lanterns manufacturer production products is also very changeful, first of all, we can see the different of lamps and lanterns in several aspects, such as multi-function hall during the process of the hotel building is a very important place, so first we when using the lighting, in general are with a very strong color line, etc. We will choose incandescent lamp, and choose halogen lamp, metal halide lamp, these lamps are relatively very good, so the effect also will be good, for customers is a good living conditions and experience.
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