Hotel full copper restaurant lamps and lanterns collocation of those things

by:Rongde     2020-09-15
Hotel restaurant has a good dining environment, not only need good food and luxury decoration, there is also a core link is how to use the lamps and lanterns of copper restaurant on the surrounding environment of foil is a key problem. Here the author with many years of working for the hotel the whole restaurant copper lamps and lanterns collocation for simple description:

1, the hotel all copper restaurant appropriate USES low colour temperature of lamps and lanterns, 2700 - 3000 k) Illuminant, color rendering index should be kept in more than 80. The appearance of the light source adopts the white light bulbs or frosted bulb. It should be a diffuse light emitting way and not dazzling, with natural light feeling, is kind, gentle. If the difference of high color temperature and color rendering of color, light source will face looks pale, blue. A table of good food in this under the color of the light also will be blank, not to mention the consumer out of dining pleasure.

2, hotel restaurant copper lamps and lanterns can't all information emphasized the appearance of lamps and lanterns. Actually for hotel restaurant lighting system, it is mainly local lighting, the main lighting is the lamp on the counter, as in mesa area. Copper from the hotel the whole restaurant on the appearance of lamps and lanterns choice, should be used under the hood, long type, the combination of the hotel full copper lamps and lanterns, generally not suitable for use in, of lamps and lanterns, because it doesn't tally with meal visual. At the same time, we also want to take into account the ambient lighting restaurant turnover, utilization of wall lamp, absorb dome light or dark slot lamp or tube lamp to play the role of foil dining environment. Use these auxiliary lights, there are many means, such as in the dining room furniture, glass and so set lighting; Art, the local lighting of the ornament, etc. Need to know the main auxiliary lighting was not for lighting, but in order to light and shadow foil environment, therefore, intensity of illumination is lower than the lights on tables, on the premise of outstanding main light source, the arrangement of light and shadow to do have the order, not disorder.

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