Hotel crystal lamp, how clean can wash clean?

by:Rongde     2020-09-29
The hotel has a high requirement on the environment, the customer hotel, the first is to see whether the environment clean and tidy. In the hotel lobby, dazzling crystal lamp. Hotel crystal lamp need to be bright and clean. So you need to pay extraordinary attention to maintenance staff. Hotel crystal lamp, how to wash to wash?

1。 The role of the vinegar big
clean up the dirt in the water bottles, put a little vinegar can easily remove dirt. Clean hotel crystal lamp, also cannot leave the vinegar. The alcohol lamp parts removed, and then prepare a basin of water into the vinegar. A dip in the parts into the basin. Try again in a few minutes with cotton cloth to wipe. This hotel crystal lamp to get rid of dirt can easily.

2。 Cleaner
the hotel with the help of crystalline light beautiful, but the purchase price is very high. Clean up the baby, but can't careless. Many hotels in order to maintain good crystalline light, can buy special detergent for cleaning. With proprietary germicides hotel crystal lamp, the effect is better compared with other cleaning method. There is a simple operation, is the detergent directly onto the alcohol lamp. The dust on the alcohol lamp material would be cleaner decomposition, and then their volatile through the air. Don't dismantle parts bubble water to wash. This method is easy!

hotel crystal lamp, how to wash to wash clean? Crystal lamp is valuable, is fragile. At the time of cleaning to should take put down gently, at the same time, the cleaning staff also need to pay attention to their own safety. Hotel crystal lamp, keep clean and clear. So the cleaning time not too long, accumulation is too much dust, clean up trouble, is unfavorable to keeping the good image of the shop.
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