Hotel crystal lamp custom need to avoid the pitfalls

by:Rongde     2020-07-26
Crystal lamp custom at the hotel, to this kind of lighting lamps and lanterns of application of heat pipe radiator for choice. With all the lighting lamps and lanterns lights rendering and it has very big harm is it could the LED lamp bead heat pipe cooling rate, if the color is very poor, so lighting lamps and lanterns of actual effect is also less than ideal.

now mainstream design of this kind of lamps and lanterns, is the whole cooling method, the use of single lamp bead and external cooling fan. In addition, it's the size of the radiator and the quality of the design of the material will affect the heat dissipation effect.

in the hotel crystal lamp manufacturers, when choose the lamps and lanterns of some lady saw a small feel very beautiful, just want to install in the room, and saw some larger droplight, pour down from the roof can be directly to the ground, they want to purchase and install. Here there is a larger defects, the installation of such effect is good or not.

in some brands, a crystalline light equivalent to your hotel for millions, indeed the quality and the quality is good, if the effect of decoration in the room also is pretty good. But as the user had thought, this product price is consistent with the value of the product itself, and in other manufacturers are also supplied with such products. When our hotel crystal lamp custom, we should also check the power of the lamp. The part of the quality also has a great influence on the overall lamp life. If the power is good, it will also have a decisive influence on the use time of lamp bead. In addition, if the power supply is not good, the brightness of the lamp will be affected, even can't light up. Before you choose droplight, you need to know some of its brands. Good brand usually have good quality light bulbs, it can also bring good lighting effect. When we were in hotel crystal lamp custom, not keen on gaining petty advantages to choose those lights, low price, is it choose the Europe and the United States of big brand, the making craft of the brands are guaranteed.
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