Hotel copper lamp custom lighting design consists of analysis

by:Rongde     2020-09-20
Hotel copper lamp custom glass solder lamp high-grade with delicate derived from the tedious process and unique modelling, the design in the design of each hotel copper lamp custom glass solder when lamp emphasizes the combination of form and function of the lamps and lanterns, in addition to conform to the aesthetic consumers also need to build the hotel copper lamp custom glass solder being brought to the effect of household lighting lamp. Form is the first media of visual art form, fully grasp the basic form of lighting elements and its psychological effect, effect of the observer is to improve the form of sensibility and the primary path to create light environment image. Light visual form can be summarized as dot, line, face, body a few basic shape elements. These elements have their ideological significance, fully understand and grasp their change rule, is helpful to gain the initiative in solder glass lamp design.

when enjoy hotel copper lamp custom glass solder lamp it usually in the form of 'bright spots', become the focus of attract people vision. Pervious to light effect of solder glass lamp light source in addition to themselves outside the glass craft is top priority, the European lamp in a number of select material Yu Qingguang glass, the late effect of pickling for old lamps are used to achieve a euramerican style of artistic effect. Because from the Angle of lighting and the visual terms accept light: highlight the gathering, can lead to tight, loose psychological feelings; Window arrangement and change regularity can generate rhythm feeling and metrical sense. Too strong and focus, however, easy to cause visual fatigue; And focus too much, it easy to make the inattentive and turn a blind eye. Visible, highlight plays an active and positive role in the space, it in the proper position in the view of composition and form, the role of the art processing.

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