Home lighting LED lights how to choose?

by:Rongde     2020-10-03
Home lighting should consider local lighting facilities, mainly include: household lighting, desk
1. Illuminance value above 300 lx, generally USES the writing desk lamp lighting.
2, reading, home lighting. Many people like going to bed on the bed frame press books and newspapers, so want to consider to use desk lamp or wall lamp lighting. Desk lamp is the feature of mobile, strong flexibility, and the lamp itself is artwork, can give a person with beautiful enjoyment, light through the chimney can draw beautiful dynamic line on the wall. The advantage of wall lamp is
through the walls of the reflected light, can make the light is downy.
3, dress and home lighting. Illumination to above 300 lx, toilet glass lamp usually adopt temperature type lamps and lanterns, illuminant with incandescent lamp or tricolor fluorescent light advisable, lamps and lanterns is installed in the mirror above, in view of solid Angle of 60 degrees, lest produce glare.
4, sofa reading home lighting, floor lamp lighting is often used. Need special pointed out that due to lighting electrical light source is hot, electrically charged, starting from the security, installed in the lamps and lanterns of children bedroom should have a certain height, not directly touch the light source for our children, and should not be more in children placed inside the bedroom lamp and other portable lamps and lanterns.
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