Hold your satisfactory full copper lamp - learn collocation Porch lamp

by:Rongde     2020-09-11
Porch all copper lamp tie-in general requirements: bright, quiet and warm.

when you say goodbye to the multifarious work a day, and all the hustle and bustle of the city, go back to that can keep you warm and happy home. Welcome you come back is the only in porch place waiting for you long porch copper lamp. So, choose a can bring you good mood all her porch copper lamp is very important. At home, in general, most of porch is not large, so we suggest that in the whole copper droplight is half or full copper dome light to make a choice between. In terms of height, the whole lamp installed at the bottom of rear light from the porch ground distance should not be less than 2 meters, in terms of area, porch at about 2 square had chosen all copper lamp within 30 cm in diameter, 5 cm of the first two square diameter increases. If your porch is a longer channel, it is recommended that you pack 2 - side by side 3 all copper lamp, per 1. 5 m a lamp.

in addition, we recommend that you set in porch place an intelligent human body induction switch system, one can save electricity, the second will save the trouble for you to touch switch.

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