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by:Rongde     2020-09-24
The whole decoration design style tend to be concise, European and American style is decorated also blended in a concise, simple elements. Euramerican style including northern Europe, Western Europe, North America and other different styles. Among them, the Nordic style is some more concise, popular with young people and the favour of fashionable personage. If your house area is lesser, it is not suitable for European style decoration, but might as well on the decoration of more kung fu, such as full copper chandelier sitting room adornment, because soft adornment will play a key role in the whole Europe type style. Can be some exterior lines or soft light soft copper chandelier sitting room, all like this ancient color elegance of the copper chandelier is a good choice, there is a little model, there is a little clumsy.

all copper chandelier lamp body: the Europe type style is decorated room, should choose line trival looks relatively thick copper chandelier sitting room, all to match. And does not repel the colour, carve patterns or designs on woodwork looks even more solemn appearance, on the contrary, this is what style. All copper chandelier lamp shade match colors: the impression of Europe type style is used mostly white, light is given priority to, all copper sitting room the chimney of droplight is white or brunet ok, but should become series, the style is unified. At the same time, some of the fabric and texture of cloth art is very important, the fabrics of flax and canvas is not quite suitable, is will look more noble silk lampshades. In furniture and the collocation of whole copper chandelier, choice and skilful:

the collocation of a sitting room, all copper chandelier and furniture: European details should be commensurate with the hard decorate. Choose dark red, with the west to restore ancient ways design and westernized modelling is better, in this all completely with the Europe type style in copper chandelier rural style; With fine hand carved designs of brown solid wood side table and eat desk and chair is better.

2, the collocation of whole copper chandelier sitting room and wallpaper, can choose a few more distinctive wallpaper decorating the room, such as a bible story and characters painted wall paper is very typical of Europe type style. In North America style, stripe wallpaper with full copper chandelier collocation more embodies the full copper chandelier line feeling.

3, whole sitting room copper chandelier and the collocation of floor: if this is the house of double entry, stone material may be used for laying the floor of the first floor hall, it will appear the atmosphere. If it is a common bedroom, sitting room and dining-room still laid wooden floor, if the part with the floor, some with floor tile room appears narrow instead. That is, in many Europe type style is decorated in, can reflect the elements of restoring ancient ways, from the small place, a voice that answers all copper chandelier, complete the collocation of whole space style.

warm tie-in tips:

small broken flower tablecloth has a natural and close feeling, light color to plain coloured antependium, printed on the hem of the stars or the cloth with soft colors some broken flower, sweet pastoral style to come quietly. Floral tablecloths, or printed with floral decorations is not behind The Times in the rural style trend, whether it's with a sprinkling of floral tablecloths or skirt of broken beautiful antependium, more or other decorations, with small broken flower can be your home decorate into warm and peaceful rural home, for the admirer of Europe type rural style, the rural style is not like this?

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