Guangdong hotel lamps and lanterns manufacturer tips to teach you how to choose

by:Rongde     2020-09-30
Guangdong hotel looks very wealthy class, there are a lot of different hotel in guangdong, different style, feeling is also different, so in the choice of guangdong hotel lamp also have many differences, decorate very professional person all know, light choose good is more attractive than decoration effect.

in the first place the first point we need to pay attention to the choice of methods and ideas 1 point is to take a look at the lamp is very practical, some light products may not be very practical special dark light, but also not too good, this is more important, sometimes when choose the lamps I also didn't go to watch the lamp shape and size, back after installation will feel inappropriate. Then we can through three ways have a look at yourself, how to choose the right light.

tips to teach you how to choose the lamps and lanterns of guangdong hotel manufacturer

1, the first method is to choose the right size, we are going to cool the room in choosing a lamp roof, room roof is not circumference is given priority to, but to give priority to with middle condole top place, condole top middle place as an oval, so the lamp in the middle, don't too much of a position, the roof is good.

2, the second method is to take a look at our lamp color is choose by the way, lamps and lanterns of guangdong hotel there are many different corresponding products, we in the choice of time certainly still want to see the principal characteristics of the products. Lamp products and the size of the color is different, we are now very popular glass, acrylic material, there are all sorts of different material light crystal material is qualitative, the main difference is color, glittering and translucent get rid of if want, we can choose the crystal material is qualitative, if you want to be richer fashion colour of Europe type style, we can choose acrylic material, the color is changeable, and the design is also the rich administrative levels feels.

3, to say the most important thing, is the guangdong hotel lamps and lanterns manufacturer is the most basic product safety issues, many manufacturers are now said he had quality standard completely, but sometimes we also really want to have a look at the corresponding certificate provide manufacturers now have the corresponding formalities, we can first take a look at the manufacturers have to provide a safe product of capital, so to know whether your choice of the manufacturer's product is suitable.

tips to teach you how to choose the lamps and lanterns of guangdong hotel manufacturer

no matter how we choose to light product, we all need to follow the above points, the most important thing is to choose security products, security products, the most important one is the after-sales service, don't forget it.
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