Glass dome light four installation considerations to keep in mind

by:Rongde     2020-09-23
Glass dome light relatively simpler compared with droplight, so people usually think of the glass dome light looks very simple, installed up almost no technical content, but not like that, cannot be bothered by glass dome light is to install, otherwise it is easy to cause potential safety hazard. Small make up today to tell you the glass dome light four installation considerations.

1. When installing a glass dome light, the power into the line connecting the two threads, needs to be wrapped in black tape, respectively, and keep a certain distance, try not to put two threads under the same metal piece, in order to avoid short circuit, produce risk.

2, if the glass dome light is used in the screw base, in connection with pay attention to the line on the center of contact terminals, they can zero line up on the thread of the terminal; Another lamp holder of the insulation shell should not have broken and the leakage, to prevent electric shock when replacement bulbs.

3, if the installation when the glass dome light is to use an expansion bolt, should choose bolt according to the requirements of product technical specifications, the hole diameter and buried depth remember to match the bolts specification.

4, glass dome light is directly installed on the fuel, some families in order to beautiful, three splint after the paint line on the back of the glass dome light, but the premise is the heat insulation measures must be taken, otherwise easy to burn, cause an accident.

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