Garden lamp light pole decided courtyard lamp life

by:Rongde     2020-09-17
Courtyard lamp light pole material determines the garden light texture and service life, usually yard lamp light pole is divided into the following three material: stainless steel light pole, iron lamp pole, aluminum alloy material

1, stainless steel, light pole in China's approach is to hot dip galvanized surface treatment, hot dip galvanized in accordance with international standards of courtyard lamp life up to 15 years. Far less than otherwise.

2, iron lamp post: most of the light pole in our country, just do the surface spraying ( Paint or powder processing) , life expectancy is 3 ~ 5 years.

3, aluminum alloy lamp post: high strength aluminum alloy manufacture, not only human nature to protect the personnel safety, and the intensity is high, do not need any surface treatment also has more than 50 years of corrosion resistance, and very beautiful. Looks more upscale.

the current using status of several kinds of garden light light pole is iron lamp standard accounts for most of the market share, aluminum alloy lamp post most exported to foreign countries. Especially developed countries

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