Full of copper lamp put skills do you really know?

by:Rongde     2020-09-24
The study is office environment returns again after people ends the job one day of a place. So it is an extension of the office, it is a normal part of family life. The dual nature of the study makes its environment in a unique position in the family. All copper lamp is the study of choice, it is beautifully decorated, strong colors, beautiful modelling, give a person the sense with romance and comfortable. But full of copper lamp put also has certain skills, to action for you today, tell you to put all the secrets of the copper lamp!

'trilogy' put all copper lamp the study:

a local lighting is to keep the working face is enough but not too much.

the second is to set up the general lighting, whole room avoiding darkness, uneasy.

3 it is to grasp the working face between the local lighting of the room and lighting intensity ratio, make the workspace to delimit the attention is focused on the area, effectively avoid the interference of environment.

all of brass lamp put skills do you know? To learn more all the secret of copper lamp, call the national free hotline: 400 - 800 - 4607.

, attentively complete lamp!
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