Full copper lamp factory tell you identify full copper lamp method

by:Rongde     2020-09-19
A lot of people in full copper lamp will find a lot of lamps and lanterns of choose and buy the Ming style is the same, but the price is really very big difference, often thousands of pieces of lamps and lanterns is a few hundred dollars can buy, it will have many issue.

is the main difference between the source on the material and craft, the entire real copper lamp is to use industrial H62 brass, appear on the market right now some copper lamp in materials are mostly used as raw material, iron, zinc alloy coupled with the electroplating and surface treatment process of ascension, has made the lamps and lanterns of many surface would look similar to the copper lamp, as this hang sheep head sell vinegar deceived many consumers. By full copper lamp factory today to tell you to identify all copper lamp method.

q: so we should how to recognize the situation?


a, see surface if the light body or parts surface has fine grain less rules ( Like a real bronze) , the more close to, the better. And some high copy of the surface looks will be more smooth and delicate, bright brightness is higher, the feeling is very good for copper plating.

2, phase modulation weight all copper lamp accessories in hand feeling is relatively heavy, and the false will be airy, this also can distinguish some lamps and lanterns is full copper lamp but the shortage of the materials used.

3, the experimental

1, when to can on the premise of not affect beautiful on the surface of the copper with file file open, looking at the powder under the file, and if the golden color is copper or gold white, will notice if the other. ( Note: according to the copper lamp industry standards in the place where some of the main connection will use iron or other material, such as screws, nuts, etc. )

2, 5% of hydrochloric acid or sulfuric acid solution, apply the lamp body surface, if no change the lamp body within eight hours, that it is a qualified copper lamp. ( Pay attention to safety)

3, average household can take 50 g of salt, add in 500 grams of water, take a light fittings completely immersed in the salt water, 12 hours after surface without changing process in place.

, attentively complete lamp!
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