For you to read the whole copper chandelier little common sense

by:Rongde     2020-09-08
The current household act the role ofing is decorated in, although has very many other kinds of lamp act the role ofing began to popular in living in adornment, which all copper chandelier is numerous household lighting decoration of choice. All copper chandelier its peculiar characteristics of classical, elegant, luxurious won the favour of people. To everybody below household lighting decoration of copper chandelier little common sense.

1. All copper chandelier selection method: the height of the suspension, chimney, globe way of material and all needs to be careful to choose, so as not to form an uncomfortable glare. Appropriate to the height of droplight, ordinary about 55 from desktop & ndash; 60 centimeters, so you can choose freely adjust the height of the model.

2. , the whole copper chandelier in the sitting room right style, the most commonly used are all copper copper Europe type droplight, Chinese style droplight, full copper American droplight.

3. The maintenance and cleaning copper chandelier: a beautiful style of whole copper chandelier usually have more complex shape and chimney, if you didn't clean at ordinary times, lamps and lanterns is often easy to oxidize, chimney is increasingly dim because of soil. Must regularly to clean, so the lamp body can use dry cloth to wipe, it moistureproof, and secondly is to wipe the dust on the lamps and lanterns, lamp shade can tear open come down to a separate cleaning.

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