Feng shui money sitting room decorate a method

by:Rongde     2020-09-14
The so-called living room on the money is geomantic learn accumulate. According to the traditional described in numerology, 'money is the source of life can think money is very important for people. Money the sitting room decorate, the source of money widely enter, doug is thriving; Money, the sitting room is broken every possible way, curtilage difficult Ann; Therefore, the good or ill luck of a sitting room should cause the enough attention of people, do not neglect it. The sitting room where money is? According to the claims in the fengshui, the finance office of the sitting room in the sitting room is main diagonal 45 degrees in locating position shall prevail. Known as' four, a living room. The most appropriate angry exuberant, auspicious and vivid. Below we will introduce the sitting room feng shui money orientation diagram should pay attention to the ten related matters, make good use of money, a thriving business

1, goods avoid without back of a chair
best is solid two sides wall behind money, because the symbol have backer can lean on, to ensure worry-free, so as to hide the wind to get together gas. On the other hand, if the money is behind the transparent glass Windows, this not only difficult to accumulate wealth, but also easily frustrated, there will be a waste.

2, money should level off,
goods, unfavorable is aisles or open the door, and money should not have open the window, up and down outside the window can lead to type. If there are Windows available window curtain cover or seal. Money to prevent leakage. Money to avoid pillars and sunken place, if be a passageway here just can be placed screen, so can avoid penetrable awkwardness already, yi ke forms a good money.

3, goods avoid messy vibration
if goods a messy and the vibration for a long time, it is hard to stick to is gain. So money placed on items neatly, nor place often vibration of all kinds of TV, acoustics, etc.

4, goods avoid is polluted by blunt
money to keep clean, if the bathroom toilet on money or debris on the money, it will defile money, make money, not only make money not a thriving business, it will make great loss, money should not be pointed to rush shoot, lest affect wealth.

5, compression of money not
money pressure can lead to a house can't growth, if the heavy chest, bookcase or units and so on in the money, make money pressure, that will be the house it is nothing bad to the good.

6, an appropriate light shoulds not be dark
wealth a bright home alive, so money if there is sunlight or lamplight illuminate, opposite popular type is a great help, if type, dark has delay money, need to resolve ever-burning lamps installed here.

7, money should be sit well lie
money is a type of bearing, so should make, in addition to placing vigor luxuriant plants, also can put the bed or sofa ` money, sit lie in money, accumulate over a long period, will be strong in their own finances. In addition, if the dining room table in the goods is very appropriate also, because the table is the place of eating, at the same time in the absorption of food energy, and can absorb type, kill two birds with one stone of it.

8, money should be put the mascot
money is home to the popular gas condensation, if there are put some auspicious lucky objects, such as fu, lu, shou, samsung or attendance at the statue of the god of wealth, it would add auspicious, have the effect of icing on the cake.

9, goods avoid water
gain a good stability, avoid water should not be so water plant is put in here, also can not put the fish tank in the money, so as not to see the water.

10, money should pay attention to the
money to put the lush plants, growing, can make the home type continuous strong, better luck. So in money put evergreen plants, especially in the big round leaves or leaves gold ge, rubber, money tree and Brazil cycas is most appropriate, but be careful, these plants should use soil to grow, not to water culture. Money should not be planted barbed cactus plants, because this kind of plant is evil spirit.

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