Fall in love with light much in love with the postmodern light - luxury crystal lamp Lamp act the role ofing

by:Rongde     2020-07-22
Along with improving the quality of the people's life, and now lead us to pursue a deeper enjoy - — Comfortable, elegant attitude to life, and at the same time classy and noble, this is the 'light of luxury style' design concept. But if will be such a quiet, comfortable nondestructive noble and elegant attitude to life in a modern, is in the space that occupy the home through indirect line, small beautiful hand in photograph reflect, deduce the luxury style. Zhongshan zhongshan lamps factory ( ) Lighting electrical appliance co. , LTD. Is a professional engaged in non-standard custom lighting for many years, service many customers at home and abroad, and has been praised by our clients, zhongshan lamps factory below to introduce you to one of the company main products sell like hot cakes: details description of postmodern light luxury crystal lamp.

Australia, China, the lamps and lanterns of lighting all light luxury crystal droplight surface treatment requirement is very high, and outfit stylist requirements and postmodern furniture this piece of color, water is difficult to reach the surface plating bright color effect, so the vacuum plating is light much plus surface treatment of postmodern lighting effect. In order to further introduce luxury + post-modern style of lamp act the role ofing, li, general manager of zhongshan lamps lighting lighting production chain, take you to understand the importance of vacuum plating for this kind of product!
metal vacuum plating, vacuum ion plating, also known as vacuum coating, under the condition of the vacuum can reduce evaporation materials of atoms and molecules in collisions with other molecules to metal products process, reduce the activity of gas molecules and the chemical reaction between evaporation source materials ( Such as oxidation, etc. ) And relative to other coating method, low cost, little pollution to the environment, now for industry use, increase hardness, prevent wear and tear, improve electrical conductivity, lubricity, heat resistance, and the surface is beautiful.

to explode, 'says lee advocated in postmodern decorate a style to explore innovative modeling technique, pay attention to the milk of human kindness, with a mixture of non-traditional dislocation, stacking, and fission and symbol, metaphor, used to create a kind of perceptual and rational, tradition and modern, the public and experts at an organic whole is integrated buildings and indoor environment. Post-modern style emphasizes architecture and interior design should have the continuity of history, but not constrained to the traditional logical thinking. As the name implies, namely, 'extravagant' mild luxury life is with elegant fashion attitude, and constantly to pursue high quality life to enjoy. It is not white but also the pursuit of a state of low profile. Not to walk in the front, not to show off praise, but to enjoy the goodness of life - This is the attitude of today's light luxury! 'Light', is a kind of elegant attitude, quiet, comfortable, but nondestructive noble and elegant; 'Luxury', is an attitude, a kind of don't let a person have pressure but it is the pursuit of quality and a refined, sophisticated life state.

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