Explore the copper serging of copper soldering lamp's secret

by:Rongde     2020-09-18
Copper lamps on the market there are a lot of style, all sorts of modelling, various styles of full of beautiful things in eyes, let a person dazzling, with cheap price, also has a high price, as a snow beauty agency sales, always hear customer complain: how is also a copper lamp, how high some the price of your house? I want to say is, because of all the copper lamp is full, full copper solder lamp, for example, in which a process called copper bar package edge, believe that will let you when you see. Along with the below small make up to explore all copper solder copper bar of light.

a lot of customers will feel full copper soldering lamp look much the same in style, and even physical objects in front of you you will also feel to do not have too big difference. But for all the copper solder lamp, detail decides success or failure always. Some factories to reduce costs, choose direct manual bend the copper to package the glass, looks the same at first, there is no difference, use time longer, copper bar will appear eversion phenomenon, copper and the glass is not fully fit, appear even drop phenomenon of lamps and lanterns, the thought of will appear this kind of situation can let a person blood run cold. This is done at the edge of the copper bar package is enough attention.

1. First is the copper bar slot, each lamp glass is specially open the mold.
1. Then we could put the prepared copper bar according to the model of pressure of a glass corresponding model of copper, so copper can and glass fit tightly together.
2. Finally, we again manual soldering copper bar and glass bonding.

deceptively simple process, are made by heart, pure manual operation, for the processing of detail is more in place, so that the lamps and lanterns can not only more beautiful, but also can greatly increase its service life. This is the whole copper solder light copper and the secret.

, attentively complete lamp!
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