Explicates the whole process of copper lamp off wax casting process

by:Rongde     2020-09-11
In the whole production process of copper lamp light, because some copper lamp of copper fittings for skin texture is rich, model is relatively complex. If use moulding technics for all copper lamp accessories, any effect. Since the last century, people started to put in is widely applied to jewelry manufacturing of wax casting technology is introduced into the whole copper lamp accessories production.

wax casting is also called the lost wax casting, in modern precision casting is also called the revestment precision casting. China lost wax casting technique principle originated from burning method, method of burning loss as early as in shang dynasty period, lost wax method is a kind of bronze metal objects such as precision casting method. , made of casting wax model, then use other refractory filler core and apply into the van. After baking, heating wax models all melting loss, make whole casting model into a shell. Go inside the water solution, then cast objects. In lost wax casting method of objects can be exquisitely carved, have hollow out effect. Lost wax method, has a long history in our country. Hubei county tomb, the unearthed bronze statue, plate, is China's earliest known lost wax casting, age is in the fifth century BC. Lost wax method is also called 'casting method.

specific to the casting process of copper lamp fittings lamp off wax process, because its not jewelry to the requirement of precision, thus it's casting process is relatively simple. Its concrete steps are as follows:

1, engraving, is full of copper lamp accessories exterior physical clay or drawings or other materials, carved in a ratio of one to one and copper lamp accessories which are consistent model, called the engraving. Engraving technicians carving level directly affect the behind to the stand or fall of all copper lamp accessories. Generally requires three years of carving experience technicians to competent for this job. 。

2, the first made model wax appearance wrapped in a layer of clay and other refractory materials, then use high temperature heating on the one hand, make finish wax melting flow or volatile, on the other hand, this layer of refractory can become strong, after high temperature is obtained by refractory formation of the shell.

3, will be used to make the whole copper lamp with copper melting into a shell after, after being completely cooling copper will break get the full refractory copper lamp accessories at the beginning of the billet.

to sum up, the whole copper lamp fittings of wax casting process work process is:

to suppress the film & ndash; — Glue mould & ndash; — Note the wax ( Die) — — Finishing wax models ( Welding wax models) — — Kinds of wax tree ( — — Weighing) — — Pouring gypsum tube & ndash; — Gypsum vacuum & ndash; — Gypsum natural coagulation & ndash; — Roasting gypsum & ndash; — Smelting, casting & ndash; — Fried gypsum & ndash; — Washing, pickling, cleaning, — — Weighing) — — Cutting blank ( — — Rolling light)

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