European style of wall lamp chimney made of different materials

by:Rongde     2020-09-24
Whether the small family or large family house decoration, people deserve to European wall lamp to decorate. At the head of the TV wall of the sitting room and bedroom always can see them. Today we are going to introduce all European style of wall lamp shade made of different materials is tie-in, collocation of different material chimney effect that bring the feeling is not the same?

Europe type of wall lamp glass lamp shade

glass lampshade European wall lamp is very common, whether it's clear light of ordinary glass or diamond glass lampshade is most people's choice, this kind of material of chimney is more popular, and compare the joker, to domestic outfit style also is less, also there is no requirement for the color of furniture and match.

cloth art of Europe type wall lamp chimney

in general cloth art the European wall lamp in the bedroom of the lampshade is relatively common. Small broken flower, cloth art chimney European wall lamp gives a person a kind of pure and fresh and romantic rural wind, daughter room is very suitable. Simple elegant cloth chimney, especially flax chimney wall lamp, send out the full are the rocks, especially by the women customers of all ages.

Europe type wall lamp shade of PVC

PVC chimney European wall lamp could you contact with rare? Actually this kind of material of chimney is very personality, suitable for installation in TV wall or the place of the corridor. Before there is customer special installation in the corridor of the hotel, has a characteristic.

Europe type of wall lamp stainless steel chimney

now on the market also has a stainless steel chimney European wall lamp. This kind of material of wall lamp gives person's feeling is stylish, with a heavy metal texture. Because of stainless steel can be effectively waterproof and moistureproof, this wall lamp in the bathroom or toilet, and more durable.

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