European style decoration choice copper lamp is acted the role of the three principles

by:Rongde     2020-09-22
The principle of 1, determine the copper lamp style.

people because of the cultural level of high and low, hobby and age, the profession is different, make sure the style of cloth lamp also is different. So to set lighting must be promoted realistically, and according to individual hobby, the lamp ACTS the role of a particular style and effect can be attained. Different professional cloth lamp requirements: people engaged in mental Labour, general love quiet, like reading, design drawing, research information, etc. , they need lighting set up diversified, desk lamp is easy to work, the floor lamp will help reading, bedside lamp used to read newspapers and information.

cloth lamp with different levels of age requirements: because of the age difference, they also have different demand for lighting standards:

the elderly & ndash; — The elderly living habits, simple love quiet. Main body lamp can combine droplight of palace lantern form with unit or absorb dome light. For the convenience of the old man a night, a lamp can be set in the bedside ever-burning lamps low illumination.

middle-aged & ndash; — To act the role of modelling, colour is concise and lively. If use desk lamp of type of arm coming back or floor lamp, study and work.

the young & ndash; — Young should be highlighted to lamp act the role ofing new, strange, special. Main body lamp should reveal personality, modelling is creative, bright colours.

children & ndash; — Children lamp had better be unpredictable, highlight a strange, increase children's imagination, conducive to the development of intelligence. Main body lamp is concise and lively, can use concise pendant or absorb dome light, homework desktop light wants bright, can use animal model desk lamp, but should pay attention to guarantee the intensity of illumination, because children curiosity is strong, active, therefore, lamp act the role ofing to ensure the safe and reliable.

2, generally all copper lamp lighting and local lighting.
the people used to have a room of general lighting & quot; Main body lamp & quot; , more is to use chandelier or absorb dome light in the center of the room. Also according to the need to set up the wall lamp, table lamp, floor lamp and so on as & quot; Auxiliary lights & quot; For local lighting or assist illume. For example room height less than 2. 5 m, the area is not large also, unfavorable multilayer set light, especially should not be a big droplight, with one or two beautiful wall lamp can play the role of general lighting and decoration. Study at night, work combined with desk lamp, table lamp shade with translucent plastic, upper diffuse light can also meet the needs of the lighting.

3, all copper lamp practical with adornment sex.
bedroom and public construction is same, indoor lamp is acted the role of have practical with adornment sex, how to handle the relationship between the two, have the effect of get twice the result with half the effort to interior decoration. The practicability of lamps and lanterns & ndash; — Can assure indoor illume consumed, ensure consumed sanitation, eye protection, protect vision, smooth color does not have unusual psychology or physiology reaction of lamps and lanterns is firm, circuit safety switch is quick. The adornment sex of lamps and lanterns & ndash; — Is to view and admire a gender, the material of lamps and lanterns is beautiful, modelling is chic, colour is new and beautiful, the second is coordination, the copper lamp form to elaborate, coordinated with room decoration, and furniture furnishings form a complete set of modelling of lamps and lanterns of material and furniture material consistency, can reflect master's artistic conception.

, attentively complete lamp!
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