Droplight rendering of several kinds of life

by:Rongde     2020-08-10
To enjoy life, and design inspiration comes from life, break the traditional design, with an elegant attitude to hang in the contracted in the sitting room, in the original ecological beauty is enjoying life light, simple design, low profile interpretation of fashion taste, with different light, added a few minutes for household natural night comes, a lamp, lit the hearts of people, like the peace of mind like sunshine, droplight factory let people no longer fear the coming of the dark. 1. To reasonable layout: the modern crystal chandelier in the sitting room must not only have one, there will be several kinds of collocation of lamp act the role ofing, such as like lamp tape, or on the ground floor lamp, and the ceiling around the lamp, etc. There are many kinds of above. 2. Style: said the sitting room is important place in the home a little too much, because at ordinary times family is not only in the living room, and relatives and friends to come to the house a guest also as a place for guests. 3. Exposure to wide area: the area of each room in the home should belong to the sitting room is big, so the requirement of modern crystal chandelier must have the illuminate of wide area. Porcelain art new Chinese style droplight, this kind of lamp is a novel, perhaps it is not really of porcelain, the design of this kind of lamp is key to the house design style foil for each other to structure the atmosphere of the landscape painting in the room, the light of the key to fabrics and light source, drawing on the ivory fabric black and white version of the small village landscape figure, due to the traditional ceramic art is milk white at the bottom, so the light source is tonal choice is choose ivory, more in the middle of the night, open the lighting effects to structure the class nature in peace and for this very classical Chinese poetry and the natural environment, because of the light field is not completely sealed, just as the key light illuminated area, when it is in the design style with Chinese study foil each other, that kind of aestheticism ancient ancient meaning in the lighting effects of open looks more lifelike. Pseudo-classic style of new Chinese style droplight, the composition of this kind of design style of lanterns shape key made by the tiny lanterns which had been in ancient times, field with bamboo hand woven structure, this kind of design style design is the key period of Ming dynasty's style as the foundation, promoted quite trendy characteristics on traditional frustum of a cone shape lighting lamps and lanterns, in order to fit its light source USES warm color advisable, this kind of light source can not only overall foil each other, and small lanterns on the bamboo stick in the middle of the night time warm lighting lighting lamps and lanterns also can give the person produces the warm, comfortable feeling, because at the bottom of the lighting lamps and lanterns is immediately direct area of the light source, so this kind of style pendant lamp factory, make the room looks very elegant.
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