Droplight of household lighting factory reveal common design error

by:Rongde     2020-08-03
Lamps and lanterns is essential to people's life and lighting tools, in addition to the lighting features, also can adjust the indoor atmosphere. However, if the lamps and lanterns to choose well, or do not pay attention to when using, also can bring us light pollution, affect our health. The brightness of the indoor lighting directly determine the indoor lighting environment. We all know too dark environment conducive to identify objects and the environment, we but too bright lighting may also have the impact on our lives. Overall, indoor lighting light brightness should be uniform, soft in the sitting room, study and dining room with high brightness, and in the bedroom, kitchen and toilet provide low brightness, different brightness and don't have much difference. Most people only consider when buying light intensity of illumination, rarely consider the color temperature. Generally in indoor lighting, should be the main light cool color to move, auxiliary light source appropriate for warm color to move. In addition, from the point of room use, appropriate USES cool color light source such as study, sitting room, kitchen, bedroom, bathroom, balcony appropriate USES warm color, such as the light source. Indoor illume USES light color is different, also can bring different lighting conditions. General slant yellow light warm color is light, can bring us warm and comfortable lighting environment, slant blue light of cool color light, can help us to focus on and improve concentration. Generally need to use light warm color in convenient people comfortable rest place, such as bedroom, such as for study, you need to learn, because warm color light color temperature is low, is not conducive to learning and reading, so you can't use light warm color too much. Lamplight decorate in household in, the light color of general different space requirement is also each are not identical, sitting room, study and kitchen need to focus light, use a neutral white light color is more appropriate, while the bathroom and bedroom needs to provide comfortable environment for our rest, use warm color light is more appropriate. Different lighting objects are in uniform lighting, lamps factory need to conform to the requirements of the functional lighting lighting design, according to different occasions object to select different illumination in different ways, to ensure that the appropriate intensity of illumination.
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