Droplight is build atmosphere

by:Rongde     2020-08-08
Droplight is one of the elements in the home decoration can not be neglected, as the soul in space, not only is it conveys everyday lighting function, more is for the ornament of the bedroom space. It is light and changeful, just like elves in general, monotonous and boring space becomes lively and interesting. How to choose the light source? Droplight factory small make up to tell you! The light of the sitting room is too dark, can let a person produce tired of emotions, as far as possible when the choice is given priority to with bright, soft white light. About the sitting room the size of the chandelier choose droplight factory, there is a simple calculation method, in sitting room space for reference, after selecting the width, the meter number is droplight of cm in diameter. Chimney and the distance of the ground, in 2 m - 2. It is advisable to 1 m. Because the restaurant is more pay attention to build the atmosphere of the place, in the space to make here is full of interest, without the foil of lamps and lanterns. As 'appearance in the lamps and lanterns of horizontal bar traverse to the child' and 'lighting', droplight become the space of choice. Modelling is simple, the design feels dye-in-the-wood the droplight, abandon the grandiose multifarious adornment, bring a kind of simple and pure and fresh nature sense to restaurants, a low profile and do not break style. Dining-room space is too small, choose to install droplight is not recommended; Dining-room space enough capacious, suitable to choose droplight as the main source of illumination and build atmosphere. Droplight factory unowned lamp design is very popular over the past two years, mainly because of residential building now is generally not high, home to install the floor heating and fresh air system, itself has high compression, if again in condole tops a splendid chandelier, can let a space appear particularly depressed constraint. In addition, the refinement of requirements of our customers, also urged no advocate the lamp design development. More and more high to the requirement of the light, can't stand a space with only a light source.
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