Droplight factory with all of you know when the home decor suitable installation of lamps and lanterns

by:Rongde     2020-07-31
Droplight corresponds to their new home. Droplight of design and color is much, often use a simple candlestick droplight, Europe type droplight, crystal droplight, etc. Used as a room of single head droplight and bull droplight of two types, the former more used as a room, restaurants; The latter should be installed in a new house. Skills growth in recent years, modern lighting transformation is improving little by little every day, no longer limited to a single lamp, and a variety of growth, to learn both the droplight of rich and generous, and use modern lighting set way, avoiding the shorter bedroom shoulds not be living standard the disadvantage of lamps and lanterns. Because of new home is the place where the greetings, one must act the role ofing is tasted good. Is new install droplight, or a modern lighting, the height of the bedroom should be according to their own house, and we love to buy, own hobby is good. Like the other lamps and lanterns, the production of modern lighting many of raw materials, plastic, glass, metal, ceramics, etc. Zhongshan city lighting factory't say droplight and modern chandelier factory which one is good, it depends on the decoration style, the height of the floor and wall color customization. Modern lamp act the role ofing, probably corresponds to a new house, to the place of the room, cooking, toilet, etc. Such as meters above the height of floor, wall plain green, and blue color, can be taken to absorb dome light, droplight make light clear wide, a sense of noisy and colorful; The height of the floor under 3 meters, milk yellow or white walls, should adopt modern lamp act the role ofing, broad induction to add rooms. When installed, want to know is a new house chandeliers low distance should not be less than 3 on the ground. 2 meters, the restaurant to install droplight height also cannot too low, too low case can appear more crowded, also will give others an oppressive sense. Some pottery and porcelain, glass fixed number of year is long, not aging, and very fashion. Because modern lighting lamps and lanterns is relatively flat above, installed at the bottom can safe against the roof of the name. And light metal supporting facilities, such as screws, etc. , will be slow oxidation, choose hour probably around 5 years. Very fast aging efficiency for plastic modern lighting, because plastic heat will change.
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