Droplight factory to teach you how to identify all process of copper chandelier

by:Rongde     2020-08-29
Copper chandelier belongs to all lamp types of high-end higher-priced products, mainly suitable for hotels, villas, clubs and other senior places, of course is suitable for general household decorates. All copper chandelier is commonly with marble or other materials as a chimney, with high quality copper for the lamp, according to the customer preferences and some decorations of lamps and lanterns. In a wide variety of market of lamps and lanterns, and other decorative pattern, elaborate different lamps and lanterns is heavy and complicated, all the copper chandelier is both elegant and quiet of primitive simplicity, two completely different flavor perfectly blend together. Due to the natural texture, grain is pure and fresh, soft light, look for a long time to also won't feel aesthetic fatigue, can say with enduring charm. Is the main difference between the source on the material and craft, the entire real H62 brass copper chandelier is the use of industry, currently on the market some copper lamp in materials are mostly used as raw material, iron, zinc alloy coupled with the current surface treatment such as electroplating process of ascension, has made the lamps and lanterns of many surface would look similar to the copper chandelier, so we should how to recognize the situation? Droplight factory below small make up take you to easy to meet together. A, the surface: if the light body or parts surface has fine grain (less rules Like a real bronze) , the more close to, the better. And some high copy of the surface looks will be more smooth and delicate, bright brightness is higher, the feeling is very good for copper plating. Two, ok weight: all the copper chandelier accessories in hand feeling is relatively heavy, and false will be airy, this also can distinguish some lamps and lanterns is all materials used in copper chandelier but insufficient. Work: lighting quality copper chandelier work, all of them, and whether the lamp body contour of large area, or small local carve patterns or designs on woodwork, a petal, one curved crescent, can be said to be interesting, seamless, all reflect the skillful craftsman ingenuity. Four, see the color on the surface of the lamps and lanterns with sealing oil processing high quality copper lamp full-bodied natural color. Besides highlights, no discoloration, or color, the good consistency, and provide a solid color, not falling to fade.
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