Droplight factory to teach you how to choose the droplight do you like

by:Rongde     2020-08-11
Chinese wall lamp selection guidelines: wall lamp usually choose sheepskin, cloth art, chimney, more use of the reflected light of metope, can make the soft light, has projected and dizzy catch the light of the multiple effect, because of difference of housing materials and present different view. Wall lamp decoration function is usually more prominent than the lighting function, so in when choosing, need to have a look at it again after being installed on the wall effect of decision-making. Choose the time of wall lamp, pay attention to what time, the premise is choosing a shield, second is wary of the chimney and support quality. Droplight plant modelling design and materials: Chinese style of wall lamp chimney made of transparent glass, figured glass or frosted glass, etc. , and the main body lamp for metal composite materials. Therefore, choose the chimney of the definition of a little bit better, shape and texture to the column wall domestic outfit style together, consistent, and the house. Another, Chinese style of wall lamp racks shall choose difficult to oxidation and corrosion product, surface plating color to trim, and exquisite. Combined Chinese style of wall lamp droplight factory is not the same as Chinese style of wall lamp has many different modelling, in the different environment also can show different effect. Lamp with wooden making more, on the structure is designed with Chinese style element, selects the export imitation parchment lampshade build, looks very beautiful and special. In the contemporary era characteristics, traditional Chinese culture to complete the new deduction, created the unique charm of modern lamps and lanterns. Stability: because Chinese wall lamp on walls, decorative wall materials or flammable, so good not too close to choose lamp is apart from the wall or no Chinese style of wall lamp hood insulation protection. In addition, when buying, must want to see the Chinese wall lamp have the spare parts such as chimney. Is a good choose to watch after the Chinese style of wall lamp bulb has a shield, it can avoid light wallpaper, dangerous. Intensity of illumination and specifications: Chinese wall lamp is a kind of auxiliary light, need gentle light source. Therefore, its light shoulds not be too large. Usually in the home use tubes or power of the light pipe is not suitable for higher than 100 w, and the size to fit. In ordinary big bedroom, can be installed double Chinese wall lamp, small room can replace single head Chinese wall lamp. Other, the space is large bedroom, lamps factory usually use thick type Chinese wall lamp, space is relatively small thin form Chinese wall lamp to pick.
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