Droplight factory introduced household life need the lamps and lanterns of adornment of night

by:Rongde     2020-07-29
'The tailor makes the man horse on the saddle', 'seven points up three points looks', these are decorative beauty, our household life the beauty of nature is little not decoration to beautify, bedroom metope should be contracted, the sitting room should be playing opportunely, these you all learn? Zhongshan city lighting factory is simply a night under the household life need - — Lamps and lanterns to decorate. Many material while making the lamps and lanterns of lamps factory wide variety, different styles in the style. But the paper material, yarn, such as wooden lamps and lanterns are flammable materials. In use process, because the position of lighting lamps and lanterns and fuel too close, will roast tender fuel because the temperature was too high. If there are obstacles of the improper selection of lamps and lanterns, electric spark, arc, or local high temperature, are most likely to cause the fuel burning near lamps and lanterns, caused the fire, become a safety hazard. Professional lamps and lanterns is generally after the relevant state departments of quality inspection and safety certification, and without the relevant national certification by the department of safety, lamps and lanterns, especially dangerous. So consumers when choosing lamps and lanterns must to put safety factor, buy in conformity with the relevant provisions of the state, to achieve the lamps and lanterns of safety standards, and to compare the lamps and lanterns of some well-known brands. Below to introduce, wrought iron chandelier, and some choose lamp tips. Wrought iron chandelier's body is consists of two parts, the stability of the iron frame can make it better, resin can make its shape modelling more diversification, also can have the effect of corrosion resistance, not conductive. , wrought iron the chimney of droplight, most of them are hand painted, tonal give priority to with warm color to move, so you can send out a kind of sweet and downy light, can foil more elegance and romance of European style decoration. The room of different use function, the lamp that should install different pattern, illuminance is acted the role of. The sitting room should choose bright, richly lamps and lanterns; The bedroom should choose make people lying on the bed don't feel dazzling lamps and lanterns; Children room should choose color is gorgeous, style abound change of lamps and lanterns; Toilet should choose waterproof lamps and lanterns with compact model; The kitchen should choose to wipe, clean lamps and lanterns; Some need special performance place also can choose to shoot the light. Wrought iron chandelier with the integral style of the room wants to coordinate, and a variety of lamps and lanterns of same room, should maintain colour to coordinate or design is harmonious. Such as rectangular balcony on the top of the wooden fence, wood, wood, suit to install a rectangle ligneous lamp; Equipped with a desk and chair of eat of glass of iron art watch, iron pipe rectangular hallway, suit to install the droplight with qualitative material of rectangular iron pipe. Ann has a golden cupboard door handles, aureate the bedroom that shoots the light, suit to contain aureate illuminative the lamp.
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