Droplight factory briefly the characteristics of lighting lamps and lanterns of Chinese style woodiness droplight

by:Rongde     2020-08-01
Chinese style style in design inherits the essence of the tang dynasty, the Ming and qing dynasties household concept into individual household, history continuation and regional cultural feelings, it makes the indoor environment to highlight the characteristics of the national culture origin image! Shape of the classical Chinese style chandelier bright agile, suitable for the area in the foyer. Bright light in the place that take the door, give a person with enthusiasm the joyful atmosphere, and Chinese style design and will tell those who make public blundering guest, this is a traditional family. Note: the specification of lamps and lanterns, the style should be matched with the sitting room. In addition, if you want to highlight the screen and decorations, you need to add to shoot the light. Chinese style droplight is the application of the design with the tradition of rich and elegant taste, the design of the ancient sweet patina is to let person aftertaste. With the modern's aesthetic demand to make rich traditional styles of space, make the traditional art in today's society. Chinese style droplight traditional Chinese flavor, is a lot of choice for a kind of lamps and lanterns, household decorates is representative of Chinese style woodiness droplight, of Chinese style woodiness droplight gives a person a kind of return to nature, return uncut jade to put in true kindness, due to the particularity of this kind of material of lamps and lanterns, a lot of people don't really know about it, with the pendant lamp factory below small make up to know about the characteristics of Chinese style woodiness droplight. 1, pay attention to traditional Chinese elements into, in the Chinese style droplight, usually rich view of Chinese traditional element modelling is blended in among them, such as 'lotus pond moonlight', 'recent', 'the wind month Ming', 'four gentleman' chrysanthemum patterns, classical Chinese poetry, couplet, Ming porcelain, even with the Chinese classical novels, mythologies droplight, the combination of production set up a lamp, lamp, wall lamp, droplight, different style, give a person find everything new and fresh, recall boundless feeling. More than 2, adornment is given priority to with hollow out or wood carving, the droplight with hollow out or carved wood material was serene of primitive simplicity. The imitation sheepskin line downy lamplight, tonal warmth, put in the home, give a person warmth, quiet sense. Imitation sheepskin lamp is mainly composed of round and square. Circular lamp is mostly chandeliers, the effect that make the finishing point in the home, Square lamp is given priority to with absorb dome light, more peripheral match with all kinds of fencing and graphics, of primitive simplicity is elegant, concise and easy. 3, pay attention to symmetry. 4, pay attention to colorific contrast, Chinese style lamp pay attention to colorific contrast, the patterns of the chandelier is qingming festival more painting, such as intention, longfeng, Peking Opera mask, color contrast.
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