Don't install droplight of the restaurant, there are so many exquisite!

by:Rongde     2020-09-27
Everyone wants to have a belong to oneself of house, from site selection to decorate after careful study, hands-on. When it comes to the decoration of the house, everyday is decorated in, a lot of friends will be on the mind of the most words in the living room and bedroom, but in fact the restaurant is also very important. Because in today's society, everyone is very busy, don't have a lot of time to stay at home all day, so the restaurant has become a family chat, eat to communicate feelings, the atmosphere of the restaurant is decided by the lights of the restaurant, so don't install droplight of dining-room, there are so many exquisite, so how to choose the suitable restaurant droplight? There are a lot of good.

the first, want to consider the size of the chandelier
when selecting a restaurant droplight, first from the dimensions into consideration, this is according to the size of the restaurant and to determine the size of the table. If the area of the restaurant, and large round table, in order to let dining-room some bright, be about to choose some lighting strength big droplight, can consider the big droplight and crystal lamp, the droplight with rich and bright, very suitable. If the restaurant is mini, you don't need too bright light, also do not need too gorgeous, simple is very warm.

2, want to consider the length of the chandelier
the length of the chandelier restaurant choice is also an important factor, if the restaurant is very spacious, condole carries on the corresponding high some, so you can hang the droplight is closer to the desktop is good, so you can see more clearly. If the ceiling is not very high, but the restaurant is not very big, you'd better don't choose to choose some long droplight, modelling also not too exaggerated, or it will too depressive and dining feel uncomfortable.

the third, want to consider the number of droplight
there are a lot of friend's home is not round table, is western-style rectangle, and thrive in the home, the table is too long? A chandelier is completely according to less than the whole table, so that you can increase the number of restaurants droplight. Because droplight a number of the restaurant, the brightness of the whole restaurant will improve, even can all according to the long table, and can also increase the rhythm decoration, improve aesthetic, but the number of droplight also shoulds not be too much, choose according to the length of the table.

4, want to consider the color of droplight
people in the restaurant for dinner, actually is not only a meal so simple, people in the process of eating, chatting, laughing, communicate emotion, so must warm atmosphere. So you can choose a few warm yellow light, so that we can better build a feeling of home. And under the warm yellow light, the dishes on table looks more delicious. Remember, it is best not to select too bright white light, it will create a sense of urgency.
choose good restaurant droplight, everyday is & other; Candlelight dinner & throughout; , quiet and elegant environment can make diners feel an incomparable pleasure.
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