Domestic outfit choose whole copper lamp tips

by:Rongde     2020-09-02
With full copper lamp has become more and more popular now, many people will choose the copper lamp decorate, but some people don't quite understand all copper lamp, even no concept, want to buy, but do not know how to start, simply do not know how to choose. Small make up take you to understand something about home outfit today choose whole copper lamp techniques.

one, size to choose an appropriate full copper lamp, size is a key element. Do not blindly choose the choose and buy, need according to the amount of space, we choose. 12 square meters below the little sitting room usually choose 200 mm below the full copper dome light or full copper chandelier, 15 square meters living room generally choose a diameter of 300 mm full copper dome light or full copper chandelier.

2, safety all copper lamp options, we'll be the first to see whether the manufacturer warranty and certificate of approval certificate to be complete, not covet is cheap, otherwise do not take care to choose the inferior products, you'll regret.

3, carefully checked all the copper lamp most material is given priority to with glass, after a long time of transport, there will be damaged and crush on deformation phenomenon, we must carefully check, because all the copper lamp is lighting effect not only, also plays a role of decoration at the same time, so if the appearance of lamps and lanterns is a little defects and damage will seriously affect the whole copper lamp adornment effect.

4, choice of style
we choose an appropriate copper lamp, all need according to decorate a style to choose, choose Europe type style of Europe type style decorates whole copper lamp, American style decorating select corresponding American style full copper lamp, never mistakes, or it will appear desultorily.

, attentively complete lamp!
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