Do you know what is the distinguishing feature of crystalline light inside the hotel?

by:Rongde     2020-07-28
Many hall of the hotel are using crystal droplight, so why do so many hotel restaurants all love crystal chandelier. What are the characteristic hotel restaurant crystal chandelier? Will be many people go to the hotel only noticed this kind of lighting lamp under the condition of how good, did not think of, the hotel restaurant to pick that lights are sake. In terms of its material, ordinary crystal lamp not only shape is not good, quality also is not very good, very easy to bad. The color of the crystalline light shows the hotel door, so it is very important.

crystal itself with magnetic field, fake crystal often bad with magnetic field, easy to adverse impact on business places such as hotels. A professional company producing hotel crystal lamps and lanterns has positive energy field, has played a positive to improve the effect of feng shui.

as a hotel, what's worse, it is not a beautiful face, a good hotel crystal lamp, let a guest at the first sight to determine the style and quality of the hotel. Each section of the crystalline light is made of high quality hardware, each process are checked. Don't worry about the crystalline light part.
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