Do not think that determine the specifications of the lamps and lanterns is finished, wrought iron chandelier scaffold material is also very important

by:Rongde     2020-08-27
As is known to all, wrought iron accessories, has a long history, wrought iron products development initial period, often used in construction, garden area, mainly follow the style of ancient Roman style, grave and elegant. The wave of 'modern art' movement in the early 19th century, during this period, the ancient Egyptian culture and the mayan culture was excavated and exploration, the pyramids of geometric form, both from the appearance and structure, compared with the traditional European baroque curves, there are obvious differences. Different brands of wrought iron chandelier, its quality and the price will be vary widely. Some famous brand in order to guarantee the quality, to prevent the sham as the genuine, can engrave on each crystal act the role of brand logo, as long as you can identify carefully when buy clear. In addition, the need to remind you is, a little illegal manufacturer still can make exterior time very, some generic, wrought iron chandelier, appearance can be acted the role of with certain famous brand almost rival, however, its may be extremely 'treasures outside its, defeat garrulous among them', such as in the larger, wrought iron chandelier periphery or conspicuous place installation quality lamp bead, and in the lining of the lamp or the place of concealment is shoddy. Therefore, you must polish eyes when buying, wrought iron chandelier, pick up the goods of mind. Contracted, alternative, the pursuit of fashion is the characteristic of contracted droplight. The commonly used material with metallic materials or alternative, such as the breath of glass in appearance and is given priority to with alternative technique of expression on modelling, tonal go up in the majority with white, metallic, better suited to match with contracted and contemporary adornment style. After determine the specifications of the lamps and lanterns, can begin to choose the style, when choosing, wrought iron chandelier style before, it's best to see what was the stent materials, wrought iron on the market at present the design of lamps and lanterns with gold plated metal stents, PVC, acrylic and glass holder is tie-in, wrought iron pendants, although PVC material support can make the wrought iron lamp appears more bright, but may have insufficient strength or easy to damage. Acrylic stand a long pale yellow easily. Chrome plated metal stents easy oxidation discoloration, so nine is home JuWang suggest you try to choose gold plated metal stents, wrought iron lamp, it can not only ensure overall, wrought iron lamp, bright luster, but use after period of time can still keep droplight does not change color, do not fade. Maintain compared to other lamps and lanterns, wrought iron chandelier, more afraid of collision and not exposed in damp environment for a long time, humid environment will rust or surface bubbles, when cleaning, wrought iron chandelier, so can wipe with dry cloth, generally good, wrought iron lamps will last longer, you just need to daily maintenance fee more state of mind.
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