Do not have the top in the home, sitting room droplight should how to choose?

by:Rongde     2020-09-07
A lot of people at home will be designed to decorate condole top, but the building height is too low, this kind of circumstance is cannot do condole top, not the adornment of the ceiling, always feel naked at the top is not harmonious, so do not have the top of the sitting room droplight should how to choose?

although do not have the top, but if still substantial building height, can try to use full copper chandelier or full copper crystal chandeliers lights for decoration, because the two belong to comparative luxury and atmosphere, can cover over a drab no ceiling. When selecting a sitting room droplight, chimney down that will be more appropriate. If you choose is full of copper crystal droplight, restore ancient ways or contracted can, as long as with home decorate color photograph collocation.

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