Different styles of wrought iron chandelier which you know?

by:Rongde     2020-08-20
Wrought iron has the unusual style charm, it USES in the lamps and lanterns, increased the characteristics and styles of lamps and lanterns, while different, wrought iron chandelier is forms have different style, wrought iron of the impact of texture and visual brings the feeling of intense adornment, can better reflect the adornment effect of the sitting room, the sitting room of more representative, wrought iron chandelier. 1. The sitting room, wrought iron chandelier - - - Korean the wrought iron chandelier with pure and fresh colour, the use of blue to make it appear like the mysterious like the sea, at the same time blue color with gold, wrought iron, high-grade and do not break the atmosphere, contracted style designs also shows its characteristic, tie-in red curtains in the living room, the floor of wall brick and wood color restoring ancient ways, Korean style show. 2. The sitting room, wrought iron chandelier - - - Nordic appearance of round will not affect the wrought iron chandelier temperament loss, simple and implicit breathed, but the ingenious design to make it more attractive, the harmonious use of white and blue, make the wrought iron chandelier has contracted and not simple elegance, collocation of the sitting room floor, bookshelf and white smallpox, highlights the boreal Europe style. 3. The sitting room, wrought iron chandelier - - - Romance the way unimaginable, wrought iron chandelier, can also be so unique, distance, the droplight seems there is no general, but watch carefully, and have to admire the designer's unique perspective, to many, wrought iron like split of scattered in all directions, looks particularly romantic, wallpaper collocation of the sitting room decorative pattern, the green box and so on, the look is very harmonious. 4. The sitting room, wrought iron chandelier - - - Simplicity and fashion of England have a class is the sense that gives a person the wrought iron chandelier, it adopted the located round the overall outline of droplight, at the same time with brown, red collocation gives different English droplight, overall look simple, but it is the characteristics of fashion, collocation of beige wallpaper in the living room, log lubricious floor, is also very style. 5. The sitting room, wrought iron chandelier - - - New Chinese style have to admit that this kind of wrought iron chandelier is a blend of classic Chinese style of round, square, at the same time have their own characteristics, its whole body has the Chinese style of dignified and beautiful, and the flavor of The Times, at the same time as the new Chinese style droplight a little too much, the collocation of the sitting room inside Chinese TV ark, log lubricious floor and modern sofa, it's very characteristic.
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