Decorate in the household, how to choose the right lamps?

by:Rongde     2020-08-27
Lighting choice must pay attention to the style is consistent. The colour of lamps and lanterns, modelling, style, must be commensurate with the style of interior decoration and furniture, each other echo. A suitable lamps and lanterns, will become very good indoor decoration and ornament. Choose lamps and lanterns, basically see its photosynthetic efficiency, also is the effect after open bright lights. Lamp act the role ofing should with interior design style one integrated mass, or of primitive simplicity, or nutonetm, or nostalgia, or halfback, or rural amorous feelings, or urban romance, can through the refraction of light and shadow brings out, let people enjoy the aesthetic feeling of light. But if you only pay attention to the modelling of lamps, style, and ignore the practical value of the lamp, so flashy lights rather than the icing on the cake, it may be to gild the lily. On the choice of the color of lamps and lanterns, the general rule is to harmony with indoor colour fundamental key, especially the colour of the lamp shade, have contributed significantly to foil interior atmosphere. Droplight factory modern the modelling of lamps and lanterns, though there are a lot of changes but in the end, the main or atmosphere of the ancients, innovation and practical three categories. Some luxury bright chandeliers; Animal and plant modelling wall lamp; Fine lines, decorative luxury dome light; These are modeled on the 18th century palace lamps and lanterns, to decorate. This type of lamps and lanterns is suitable for the space larger social occasions, such as the banquet hall, villa hall, etc. This type of lamps and lanterns can bring a gorgeous atmosphere to space sense of luxury. While the modern lamp with chic modelling, such as droplight of cany art; Metal lamp; All sorts of lamps and bovine eye lamp is belong to the innovation of lamps and lanterns. In addition there is a lamp, including our usual common fluorescent lamp, tricolor energy-saving lamps, table lamps, floor lamps, bedside lamp, etc. , all belong to the traditional commonly used lamps and lanterns. So, when choosing lamps and lanterns, modelling should try to pursue series. Like exquisite luxury can choose the first kind of China and not common lamps and lanterns; The pursuit of innovation can choose the second chic modelling of lamps and lanterns; Of course, no matter how to choose practical lamps and lanterns is indispensable. When selected, choose according to his be fond of of at the same time, also want to pay attention to the practicability of lamps and lanterns. Now on the market of lamps and lanterns of lamps and lanterns of practical many secondary differentiation to the style of the ancients and innovation. Three color changing light is a drive control, the drive is a consumable, it is easy to broken in does not affect the normal use under the premise of don't need to change, when choosing lamps and lanterns is not necessary to choose the lamps and lanterns of must have three color changing light. High quality material and material of the lamp in the material is very exquisite, winding plating layer is also in the choice of modern lamps and lanterns of a detail, the general lamps and lanterns in 2 - winding plating layer 3 layers, after a long time easy to rust spots, the high quality of winding plating layer of high to the requirement of process, long time also won't oxidation rust spots, of course, the price is a little high. For the home of lamps and lanterns, its security is also very important. Droplight factory suggest the consumers, in order to make the home of the lamps work efficiently, safely, consumer is buying droplight factory it is necessary for light source (lamp act the role ofing is tasted The light bulb, light pipe) , switch, socket to pay attention to every detail, the safest way is in the mall to buy rest assured brand products, and carefully before shipping. Lighting is given priority to with glass products, belong to the fragile, go a long way, a scratch or damage may occur. Because lighting is general prominently hanging in the home, even the tiny damage will affect the beautiful and use effect, so when buying must look carefully. The switch of qualified products must have access to the national certification and in accordance with industry standards. Domestic products through 3 c certification, ISO9000 quality system certification, some international brand also won the other national and international safety certification, these will be by identifying mark on the product itself, packaging or instruction, these also help you measure the quality of lamps and lanterns of a standard.
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