Decorate a style - 2019 The beauty of postmodern light luxury crystal chandeliers

by:Rongde     2020-07-22
Postmodern light now decorate a style is exquisite luxury, because this kind of decoration style fashion, luxury elegant, grade is high. At the same time also can reflect the style of the family, romantic delicate life. No matter from the choice of lamps and lanterns, the choice of household all is give priority to in order to light the luxury of socialism. 2015 zhongshan lamps factory with modern light luxury products formally entered the domestic distribution channels, it is many years engineering experience 'high requirements of the quality of our products, so products listed is supported by the distributor. We aspire to be the best light luxury crystal droplight products, currently has the industry's first in the center of the town and lamp, the largest modern luxury hall hall, sun yat-sen postmodern light luxury crystal chandelier lamps factory welcome you to our further cooperation.

in domestic zhongshan lamps factory established high end lamps and lanterns of non-standard custom service providers have long put forward the new concept of postmodern light luxury, aims to build costly overall beauty of the art of lamps and lanterns, in the domestic focus service five-star hotels, high-end villa clubhouse, the example room floor and social success private custom-made lamps and lanterns and so on. Development up to now, zhongshan lamps factory postmodern light luxury crystal lamp lighting brand. Here is to share decorate a style - 2019 The beauty of postmodern light luxury crystal chandeliers.

the first is the sitting room, the product name: light postmodern sitting room luxury crystal droplight: 18158 size ( M M) :D800*H300/D600*H300; Product color: wire-drawing qin king; Product style: light luxury chandelier material: stainless steel + crystalline light source: LED; Process: the surface electroplating; Application places: the sitting room, dining-room, bedroom,

followed by horizontal: product name: postmodern light luxury absorb dome light 【 Model 】 ASA- 17979' Brand 】 Zhongshan lamps factory' Material 】 Copper + crystal 【 Color] Copper wire drawing no. 1' The light source 】 16/20/24L【 Craft 】 Cutting, welding, painting, grinding, polishing, electroplating 【 Style 】 Postmodern, light and decoration style' Space 】 10 - 40m²【 Place 】 Sitting room, bedroom, study, restaurant, office, household space, commercial space.

here's restaurant: product name: ASA - 13086 Hong Kong style light luxury wall lamp; Wall lamp size ( MM) :55 ox30oh550; Product price: 780 product color: copper color; Product material: copper + long slender glass; Product style: Hong Kong style light luxury; Light source type: Gg. Light bulbs for the most: 3 l; Switch type: remote control; Application places: the sitting room, bedroom, dining-room
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