Custom non-standard lamps and lanterns of project how do you define?

by:Rongde     2020-07-24
I believe that now there are still a lot of people don't understand the meaning of non-standard custom of lamps and lanterns, non-standard engineering lamps and lanterns is according to the actual needs of the project, custom fit specific lighting lighting products, have adornment effect, also called custom non-standard lamps and lanterns, etc. Lamps and lanterns of the lamps and lanterns usually includes hotel lamps and lanterns, club, KTV, lamps and lanterns, villa example room lamps and lanterns, lamps and lanterns of the lobby and other non-standard customized lamps and lanterns. Engineering has characteristic of non-standard lamps and lanterns is custom, production cycle is long, high production technology, strong professionalism, high difficulty of installation, after-sales service, etc. Zhongshan lamps factory own original design, really suitable for project specific lighting lighting products. Zhongshan lamps factory in a hotel in the lamps and lanterns of lighting design is usually taken when using tailored method, this method not only can let the hotel in the styles of lamps and lanterns choice, and the quality guarantee in favor of the integral style of the hotel decoration.

engineering lamps and lanterns of non-standard customized features: non-standard lamps and lanterns is a concentration of functional and decorative function as one of the decorative materials. It as the main facilities of lamps and lanterns is indoor lighting, providing interior space light as decorative material, it can not only give relatively drab top surface colour and modelling to add new content, at the same time can also through the specifications of the lamp, the location of the installation, the modelling of change, the adjustment of the light intensity and other means, to foil the indoor atmosphere, feel the change room structure, especially the lamp ACTS the role of noble material, the modelling of elegant and gorgeous colour, so, non-standard engineering custom zhongshan lamps and lanterns of lamps and lanterns factory lighting brand of non-standard custom of lamps and lanterns, the leading industry, focus on the star hotel, large clubs, luxury villas and other supporting non-standard custom and conventional lamps and lanterns of lamps and lanterns of sales, collection research and development design, production, sales in the integration of one-stop service.

zhongshan lamps factory of non-standard variety of lamps and lanterns, modelling, non-standard lamps and lanterns is according to use the location of the

different can be divided into two categories, indoor light and outdoor light. Indoor lamps and lanterns can be classified as fixed type and movable fixed form, according to the installation position can be divided into divided into suction

ceiling lamp, wall lamp, lamp, desk lamp, etc. Since the establishment of the zhongshan lamps lighting lamps and lanterns has to undertake the domestic hotel production projects, such as, houjie town, dongguan,

wanda international hotel, ka wah hotel, houjie town, dongguan, the diaoyutai state guesthouse, hotel, Shanghai east hotel, Beijing central Treasury building, sanya

haitang bay intercontinental hotel, chenzhou mangshan forest forest hot spring tourism resort, the world trade center in Shanghai, sheraton hotel in xiamen, hangzhou, zhengda new century hotel

yunnan baiyao pharmaceutical factory, panyu star river hotel, Oriental ginza pullman hotel in shenyang and so on. With our professional technology and precision can be get

the wide praise of customers. Engineering lamps and lanterns of non-standard custom seek zhongshan lamps and lanterns factory lighting.
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