Custom non-standard lamps and lanterns is how to design an effective lighting plan

by:Rongde     2020-07-27
Once again, to provide for new Chinese style culture. When, the physical and mental health, and wealth, life, work the social phenomenon gradually highlight such as natural environment, people started thinking, what kind of method is now should advocate the life? After found, the new Chinese style life habit is a kind of on the history of past memories.
custom non-standard lamps and lanterns to the promotion of the new Chinese living habits have inseparable contact with tea. Along with China's spending power has increased, people increasingly concerned about living habits to health of body and mind, warm welcome tea more and more become a popular theme activity at ordinary times. Tea art originated from the ancient China, early in the song dynasty, ancient literati, with tea as the media, in the form of gathering, according to taste tea taste to discuss ideas, evaluate plastic arts, practice spirit. Tea art fashion shows that the new Chinese living habits and aesthetic view of new Chinese style in return, its aesthetic to expand tea life outside of the home interior space, to convey the spirit of nature substance use value.
non-standard customization process of lamps and lanterns is different from the general lighting, lamps and lanterns of the first custom manufacturers need to have a close touch with customers and communication, to master the client's preferences and to use the site design style, accurate measurement and door-to-door service, design the effective lighting subscription plans.
1, lighting lamps and lanterns of interior designer and customer communication, grasp the customer's requirements and thoughts.
2, the sample (s) with customer visit the exhibition hall, investigation commodity processing technology, communication rooms equipped with design requirements, discuss on the basis of detailed records, time commitment to basic lighting plan for talking with you.
3 basic accurate measurement, door-to-door service, clear non-standard customized lighting installation of lamps and lanterns, place area, the size of the lighting.
4, omni-directional measurement, precise calculation of lamps and lanterns of non-standard custom needs in scale and reasonable application of interior space layout, contains non-standard lamps within custom furniture, cloth art curtain, blankets, decorative oil painting, place adorn the flows of goods such as visual.
In an age when classic lamps is increasingly important, the researchers believe manufacturers should pay close attention to their results.
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