Custom crystal droplight, what are the basic steps?

by:Rongde     2020-10-01
When everyone is decorated in the lane, during may also encounter different problems. Just from the point of choosing lamps and lanterns, sometimes candidate dazzling in the market, but still can not choose the lamps and lanterns of an appropriate oneself to like. Actually encountered this kind of situation, we also can consider direct and manufacturers, of course, a lot of friends may don't know for every aspect of the items, fear can't finish the lamps and lanterns of what you want to. Aiming at this problem, we will take a look at below, custom crystal droplight, what are the basic steps? Communicate with designer

you want to order a suitable crystal droplight, first is to fully communicate with designers, can convey some own hobbies and interests, this designer is to better understand the preference of style, can also have a certain direction in design.

to measure the overall size in addition, in the process of custom custom crystal droplight, designers must be need fully familiar with the home decorate a style, and overall household size and size. Of course, so at the time of measurement, the position of the lamps and lanterns, and the overall installation location, and so on are to understand clearly. In this way, can also measure from multiple angles. To decorate a style to understand and familiar with, in the design to better combination, foil each other.

after complete design
measurement size, designers have to do is to complete the design, of course each other in the process of communication is the key. If some of the details of the design, as well as various aspects have the opinion, the designer can change in a timely manner. After confirmed the drawings, it is on the material, discuss in detail all aspects of lamps and lanterns.
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