Crystal lamp, wrought iron chandelier with copper advantages and disadvantages

by:Rongde     2020-08-18
Wrought iron chandelier, the first is cheaper, on the strong degree and resistance to deformation ability is much better than copper, so each lamp and its part of the square tube parts are made of iron materials, even if the whole copper crystal lamp also is such, the disadvantage is that if not covered by electroplating all full, so the possibility of rust was 100%, well, of course, as long as the plating is very complete, here refers to the parts by air every inch of the surface can be galvanized, especially two parts contact part of the plating is complete, iron is not so easy to rust. Of course you can easily find rust on lamps and lanterns, 100% in parts connection place, this is because the plating work probing and the consequences of poor long term view. Even if shipment overall no rust, after a period of time, rust will seeping from the place where those who can't see out. Copper crystal lamp, the price expensive is beyond doubt, copper material is qualitative soft, in terms of surface treatment is better than that of iron, under normal circumstances the small risk of rust. Also a light shelves, and with bronze and with iron will cost 4 ~ 5 times, should be careful, as when buying must focus on identifying, simple method is very simple and practical, use a magnet to identify. Note: the copper in electroplating after also has a small magnetic ( Because need nickel plating a layer of iron group) , but compared with iron magnetic difference is very apparent, iron or iron, copper or copper. Wrought iron chandelier and whole copper crystal lamp each have advantages and disadvantages, when you buy home decorate a style, individual be fond of according to oneself, also reference their decorating a budget, final choice suits own crystal lamps and lanterns.
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