Crystal lamp in 2020 how can have such an important position in the hotel

by:Rongde     2020-07-23
Every lighting design relative to each building has the practical significance of the different, crystal lamp lighting design for at the hotel restaurant has elements of lighting design can not only reflect the hotel unique atmosphere, show the hotel the warm light of the natural environment attracted consumers stranded, promote greater economic benefit, therefore the success of the hotel is the main guarantee of the economy hotel lighting design.

crystal droplight more currently on the market a floor price for 1000 yuan. Different brands of crystal chandeliers in the physical is all similar. Special attention is that some illegal manufacturers do only superficial, they in the place where the crystal droplight of large field or obvious installation of high quality LED lamp bead, and in lighting layer or concealed work place is fake. Look from the exterior, with some well-known brand lighting have something in common, the same appearance, people tend to choose the price lower. But don't know, defeat garrulous among them, these products make a silk purse out of a not. After a long time, various problems are shown. So we remain vigilant over dry when the choice, choose carefully. Some well-known brands crystal chandelier manufacturers in order to ensure the quality and let customers bought real famous brand and use at ease, in every engraved on a purple crystal act the role ofing panel brand icon, so if you buy famous brand, if when the choose and buy carefully distinguish the brand icon.

crystal lamp selection must be based on the evaluation of hotel restaurant lighting star and indoor decorate a style to purchase, to the hotel restaurant lighting indoor decorate a style to set off. Shoddy crystal lamp not only can not timely, handan toddlers. Also depending on the hotel interior space size and lamp designs to choose from. Crystal lamp act the role ofing is generally hang in the hotel or restaurant in the lobby, so you must choose the air beautiful crystal hanging crystal ceiling lamp decoration. Hotel restaurant lighting lamp is acted the role of the adornment design of the actual effect is generally based on two aspects, one is the lighting lamp modelling design and the natural environment of the supplement goods itself, the second is according to the light source shine to the indoor environment of and around direct lighting. According to the hotel restaurant lighting lamp is acted the role of interaction with the surrounding environment, in turn, cause all sorts of different natural environment effect.

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