Crystal droplight how clean is clean?

by:Rongde     2020-09-30
Decorate the house, a lot of friends to choose crystal droplight is installed in the living room at home. Luxurious crystal droplight gives a person the sense very expensive gas. House need not too big, installation of the crystal droplight, no more tears to decorate grade is promoted. Crystal droplight so popular, there is another reason is the cleaning method is simple. So let's say, crystal droplight how clean is clean?

1。 Kerosene purify besmirch
crystal droplight with some fixed number of year, will bring forth some stains. Especially small accessories stains, general cleaning method is to go out. This time you need to use kerosene to remove. First of all we need to put in the crystal droplight with besmirch gadgets, then soak in kerosene. Let the parts was wrapped in kerosene, probably about eight minutes, picked out. Then try scrubbing with soft cloth. Thought very strong stain, so easily be erased. Crystal chandelier will be rubbed luster bright, a bit not damaged.

2。 Clean with soap and water
there is some dirt on crystal droplight, can clear water wet cotton cloth, clean the dust above it. If the heavy dust, with soap and water will be needed. Some friends use detergent to wash droplight is good too. For not particularly stubborn stains, detergent to wash out the effect of water and soap water, also can let the crystalline light bright and beautiful.

when cleaning pay attention to?
when cleaning crystalline light, safety is very important. Crystal lamp installation is higher, when cleaning should set the tripod or the stairs. Particularly dirty, under the condition of the parts removed, then slowly cleaning. Only the dust, wipe it gently with cotton.

I hope you read this article, will have harvest. Every time want to cleaning crystal droplight not to spend too much energy, that requires often give crystal droplight do maintenance. Behind for a long time not to clean, not easy to clean it.
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