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by:Rongde     2020-07-24
Decorated in the home is known to all, the choice of droplight affect the whole environment, the taste of an outfit. Now most of the household lights will choose crystal droplight to decorate the aesthetic feeling of the whole decoration style. Then crystal chandelier is a made of artificial crystal droplight, with gorgeous, noble features. General modelling is unique, has a high aesthetic value. Crystal is the symbol of purity, crystal lamp act the role ofing also represents the light and hope. With the improvement of people's living standard, the pursuit of elegant, noble quality of life is more and more. So now, how to choose a suitable for their own household style crystal lamp is the problem, met a lot of people have insider said okay, no matter in quality, style, price, need to be able to pick up a personalization crystal chandelier manufacturer is a skill. Zhongshan city (now Zhongshan lamps factory) Lighting co. , LTD. , taught by everyone in the choice and install droplight technique in the matters needing attention.

first in choosing the techniques of crystal chandeliers, first, safety first, you buy crystal droplight to see whether the top you can bear the weight. Second: integral collocation, the colour of lamps and lanterns, modelling, style, must be commensurate with the style of interior decoration and furniture, each other echo. Instead of flashy lights rather than the icing on the cake, gild the lily. On the choice of the color of lamps and lanterns, besides to match the indoor colour fundamental key, of course, can also according to personal love of choose and buy. The size of the lamps and lanterns, type, and how much to bedroom space size, total acreage, indoor height and other conditions.

the second is when installing a crystal chandelier matters: because crystal lighting lamp is more heavy than others, the design is more delicate, it needs to be carried out in accordance with the steps carefully installation. Pay attention to the following 5 points, basically can avoid some general problems.
1。 Check your the weight of the crystal chandelier. If its weight is almost similar to the current lighting equipment, you do not need to change the ceiling junction box. If it is heavier, however, you have to purchase and install a new enough to support your crystal droplight of the weight of junction box.
2。 Disconnect the power plug.
3。 Can begin to remove the old lighting equipment, and then note how it is being installed.
4。 Install crystal droplight of metal stents. Screws droplight base. When droplight weight more than 3 kg of lamps and lanterns, embedded hook or bolt should be adopted; When the cord chandelier lamps and lanterns is greater than 1 kg weight, should add chain hoist.
5。 Will hang up the crystal droplight of other widgets. When you hang crystal droplight, as a general rule, it should be hung at the bottom of over 30 to 36 inches from the desktop. When are you going to hang it, pay attention to safety, gym, ask a person to help you, please hold on and let them help you measure the discretion of the chandelier. Ensure the height just light up your room, and not to interfere with your line of sight.

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