Creative lighting design should consider

by:Rongde     2020-08-05
Lamp, role in the modern family is more than just lighting so simple, sometimes in the bedroom the adornment action of the play a more important. A unique lighting art effect, no less a work of art. Creative light life, if you want to improve household style, with interesting and practical household decoration effect, take a look at below creative lamp, table lamp, floor lamp, wall lamp, absorb dome light, droplight is acted the role of design guidelines, give you a world full of style of light and shadow. The content of the creative lighting to act as the core design is the basis of interaction design, and the content of design important than experience. So we need to better understand the user to participate in the activities, understanding what users do, where to do, what to do, and why, will participate in this activity. Chandelier factory designer after analyzing all kinds of information, data on consumers in planning a complete range of space reflect the various behavior of forecast, and then after a careful design in the light of the behavior of the consumer guide, relevant information to guide them how to in a creative lamps and lanterns of the interactive platform for all kinds of operation behavior. So how to plan a good consumer awareness of lamps and lanterns of the creative process, how to arrange the corresponding action and reaction process is particularly important. The content of interaction design is everywhere, actually behind good experiences are usually there are a lot of design behavior. When we set out to design a specific creative lighting, consider what problem? We all know that industrial design's famous motto: 'function to form', so we have to think about first availability. Availability is basic and important indicator of interaction design, it is available for the degree of overall evaluation, is also from the perspective of the user to measure product is effective, easy to learn, safe, efficient and easy to remember, the quality of the use effect. The expression of itself of lamps and lanterns design is the basis of interaction design. The availability function and shape, we respectively from the two aspects of physiology and psychology. Physically, brightness of the stimulus and influence of the eye is design must be considered part of the lamps and lanterns; Such as night and day eyes light response capabilities will have some gaps, night lights suddenly, people will feel dazzling such uncomfortable, actually this is the eye in a state of stress in the process of adaptation to light. So the day light may not adapt to the night. Psychologically, different colors and materials bring different emotional feedback to users, and of course the be fond of of different audience deviation and so on. So in a creative design of lamps and lanterns, switch, I always get focus attention. Such as there will be a voice control, touch, or are accord with the design of the finger in the shape of a button, etc. Switch with such a small moment interaction design thinking, to switch to an unexpected interaction pattern, make a simple switch action into an interesting experience. Second is the design of the light, in the past there are a lot of designers in the design of the lamps and lanterns of will on the lighting effects. Designers will provide the user with a light in the form of subjective creation of visual effect, of course, these lamps can also bring good to users of sensual pleasure, but at this moment the designer and the user will be in a master-slave relationship each other, no matter on product development and market sales, is relatively passive. So the light closely integrated with the change of user's operation behavior, with leading operation method to design a set of user adjusted in the light of at the same time can also experience the lamps and lanterns of the novelty of manipulation of the form.
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